Cambodia Update. 10.25.09

Team Cambodia is currently somewhere over the ocean in a plane, but here was their last update. Thank you all for the prayers! Check back soon for pictures.

From Dee Dee:

Thank you again for all the prayer!!!! Everyone is doing well, Pat still feeling not so good. The team finished painting today and we are done with the project. It looks beautiful!!! We danced a lot last evening with the children after we worshiped. We told the story of how Jesus fed 4,000 we gave them all peanut M&M 's they loved it. Friday we will celebrate with the children and have s'mores again.

Our R&R was wonderful- Everyone did great! We are tired mostly physically, but a good tired. Everyone has worked really hard. Spiritually, our joy over flows our physical loss. We loved the whole trip, but we are all ready for the good 'ol USA!!!!!! We are heading to Phnom Phen tomorrow, Saturday. We will fly out on Monday if the Typhoon doesn't keep us here!!! Please pray we get to come home.

In His Love,

Team Cambodia


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