News from Cambodia

The Cambodia team arrived safely and has been very busy with ministry this past week. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to minister with the people of Cambodia.

Excerpt from an e-mail from Dee Dee McCarty:

We started painting the interior of the boys' dorm on Thursday, and we should finish painting the interior on Monday. We will also be starting concrete work on Monday.

Yesterday we arrived at the Krachea children's center about 7:30 am. We played with the kids, trying to be as creative as we could for the time we were there. We also delivered (40) rice bags. At one point it was raining so hard Chris helped carry some of the bags on his back because the road was wiped out!

In the evening, we served the kids s'mores. What a sweet joy it was to see the children enjoy something from our culture. They loved the face painting with Tami and Donna, card playing with Pat and the team, learning western dance and Crockett with me, doing puzzles and rubics cube with Nick, and just hanging out with everyone.

In a nut shell we're doing wonderful. We will be presenting the message at service this evening. We will be teaching a couple of songs and presenting the Full Armor of God.

In His Love,

Cambodia Team 2009- Pat, Bruce, Tammy, Mike, Josh, Austin, Donna, Chris, Nick, and Dee Dee


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