God's Perfect Timing...

I am truly blessed and amazed to see what God can do when His body comes together to accomplish His purposes.
Here's what God did:
  • On Saturday, February 27, a group from Heights joined Granite Creek Feed the Hungry ministry to feed over 100 people in our community
  • Over the weekend, Heights Church collected 12,100 pounds of food (that is over 6 TONS!)
  • On Monday, March 1st, Heights filled a trailer, 3 pickup trucks, and a 25-foot horse trailer with food and brought the enormous blessing to Yavapai Food Bank.
  • Heights Feed the Hungry collected enough food to stock the shelves of Yavapai Food Bank's warehouse, as well as fill up their storage unit with a large supply of food.
  • Heights' food donation kicked off the start of the Feinstein Challenge. From March 1 - April 30, the Yavapai Food Bank will receive $1 for every pound of food donated (that means they not only received 12,100 pounds of food, but $12,100 to purchase even more food!)
Wow! God is so good and His timing is perfect. Upon our arrival to the food bank, we were informed that the only handouts left were beans and bread. The shelves were practically empty. The staff could hardly believe the timing. God is so good!

Thank you to all who participated! Some brought food, some served on Saturday morning, while others stacked and loaded, but we all came together to bless our community.

If you would like to get involved on a regular basis at Yavapai Food Bank, contact me. They would love it! You can call mat 445-1421 ext 1030 or email me at localopportunities@heightschurch.com.

Looking forward to what God is going to do next,


Hands and Feet Ministry
Heights Church

Empty Warehouse Shelves

Empty Storage Unit

Thank you to all the volunteers!


LOTS of Food.

Filled trailers.

Filled Storage Unit.

Filled Warehouse.

Filled Shelves.


  1. Hi Kolbi! Thanks for keeping up this blog! We love seeing what God is doing at the Heights!


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