Dominican Republic Update April 23, 2010

Hello from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic!

We have had an amazing week and feel so blessed to have spent the last week in the village of Cotui. Here is a quick wrap of our last few days:
- Tuesday: We spent the mornings with the kids of Cotui and taught on the miracles of Jesus. We then helped move dirt to aid in the construction process of the community center.
-Wednesday: We again had the chance to spend the morning with the wonderful Cotui kids. We continued with the miracles of Jesus, and taught on Jesus raising Jairus' daughter from the dead. We leveled the dirt in the rooms and then spent the evening worshipping the Lord with half the community!
-Thursday: We taught about Jesus giving the blind man sight. In teaching about this miracle of Jesus, we also taught about spiritual blindness and how Jesus gives us spiritual sight when we put our faith and trust in Him. We then went and visited homes in the community and prayed with people. In the later afternoon we also worked alongside the men of Cotui to lay brick for the community center.
-Friday: Today we visited the old part of Santo Domingo. I always feel very blessed to visit places of history to better understand the culture and the heritage of a country. We spent the afternoon in the community of Herrera. What an amazing thing God is doing there!
-Tomorrow: Tomorrow we have the day off to rest, debrief, and get ready for Haiti. More pictures and news to come soon. Thank you so much for praying!

Please continue praying for:
- Effective ministry and for Jesus to be displayed and glorified. Please pray for all those we come in contact with, that God would prepare their hearts and that we may be a blessing and plant seeds.
- The team's health and unity. We have had a few health concerns, but everyone is well now. Please continue praying for protection over our bodies and for our relationships with each other to grow.
- Family at home. All of us have family at home, some have kids. Please pray for those left.
- Boldness and for no fear in talking with people that God brings into our path.


  1. Wow! I am so excited to hear all that you guys are doing! Praying hard for all of you! Don't worry, I'm holding the fort down here. ;)

  2. I have been lifting you guys up in prayer. Glad to hear everyone is well now. Really enjoyed looking through the pics. Looks like the kids are enjoying your time with them. Can't wait for more pics from Haiti. Continued prayers for all of you.
    Elaine Vang

  3. Wow! Love the pictures! I'm sooo proud of all of you! Tell Andrew we love him! Praying everyday! Got a call this morning and couldn't hear you. ;) To God be the glory! Rowena


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