Dominican Republic Team Update! - Monday, July 19, 2010

Thanks for all your prayers! I just received this email from Heather & co.

Yesterday we went to Cotui but it poured rain the whole time so we weren't able to do our house visits or church. It is cool how God works cuz we just got to hang with the kids and really minister with Milagros and a couple of the teachers. Today we did our planned ministry in the morning, but we found out that we actually were going to have the same kids in the afternoon, too! That threw Kelly and I for a loop :) rained again for a while after lunch and we decided to do house visits while Jesse, Tim and Don's team (minus Cheryl and LeAnn) worked on the roof on the new building. So although we were caught off guard on a few things, we always kept our cool and knew that in the end, God really does have everything planned out!!!

We got back to the hotel about an hour ago and we are now eating at De Moya (remember that place?)

I will try to upload pix asap!!!

Love you & thanks for all the prayers!

say hi to everyone!!!

Heather & team


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