Thanks for praying for Dominican Republic/Haiti Team!

The team was very blessed... thank you for praying!


In Dominican Republic, the team returned to the rice farming village of Cotui, where they taught in the schools (about Fruits of the Spirit, How to Share Faith, review of the "7" series, and more about the character of Jesus), visited homes in the community, held an evening community outreach, and worked on the community center building project! We are so excited about returning soon! Here are some pictures:

"This trip has shown me the importance of fellowship. The more we fellowship with Cotui, the stronger the bonds and the greater the growth. More importantly, it serves as a reminder of the kind of fellowship Christ desire with each of us and the kind of fellowship we need with Christ to stay walking in the light."
-Jesse Wasil, co-leader of the trip (along with his wife, Kelly, and Heather Heckethorn)

- "The Lord blessed me while I was in the Dominican Republic. I got to see a culture that is completely different from mine, and it touched me. I grew close with a young boy named Alejandro, and I wanted to take him home with me because of his life and story. His mother is a prostitute, and his father works in the rice fields, so he and his two other siblings basically live their lives without parents to care for them and to love them. I wanted to sponsor him, but he's already been taken! I'm so happy to hear that he is being fed and educated. Every time I go on a mission trip, God shows me in little ways what I need to be thankful for, and sometimes I forget that what I have in life is so precious. My parents for example; Alejandro barely has his, and my parents are by my side every single day of my life."

"I saw God at work in relationships on the team and people taking leaps of faith out of their comfort zone to do God's will. He used us the way He wanted even when we thought we could be more effective doing something else. When our plans fell through, He showed us what really needed to happen instead."
- Briana Williams

The community center is coming along!!

Americans and Dominicans working together...

View from our rooms

Milagros, some of the teachers, and some kids...

Bree and Krista

Cotui Rice Fields

Jesse Teaching...




Caitlin and the class

Kelly Wasil getting ready to teach!

Heather and Alejandro


In Haiti the team worked with a local pastor in Carrefour. We lived with a church family and were so blessed to return to the tent community to build on past relationships! Every morning, the team taught at the church/school to about 50 kids. In the afternoons, the team helped with rubble removal, visited at a nearby orphanage, and spent time in the tent community. Even in the midst of mass devastation, the hope of Jesus is shining through!

School Girls...

Katiana and Kolbi... Katiana accepted Christ when we were in the tent community last April... what a blessing to follow up!

View from our rooftop home

Home sweet home :)


Our school kids

School kids and their proud work

The Team

Melissa at the orphanage

School Kids


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