DR Team Update - A Word from Cristina

Hello Everybody!
Everything is going wonderfully so far. We are happy and healthy and really cherishing each moment we have with the kids at the Deaf school. All I can say is that the Dominican Republic has already been a better experience than I could have hoped for. The last couple days I have come to realize that the little amount of sign language and the little bit of spanish I knew before hand was not nearly enough to effectively communicate but the kids have been so great and so patient in helping me understand what they are trying to say. Even though there is two language barriers I am already getting better at both languages. Jenna and I have put together several games and just had an absolute blast playing with the kids and helping them to understand the fruits of the spirit. There really are too many great moments and memories to share them all with you here but between the ten of us I am sure you will be able to hear about all of the wonderful things that God is teaching us and how he is blessing the Dominican Republic when we get back to the United States. In the meantime, all of the kids throughly enjoy my digital camera. Whenever I bring it out they just lose complete focus and start posing like they are mini supermodels, which makes us leaders laugh for hours on end and helps us document each lesson and activity. I miss you all and cannot wait to share many more stories and photos with you! Off to bed to catch on some sleep before a another full day tomorrow. Hasta lluego


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