Cambodia Team Update - Monday 01/24

Hello from Poipet, Cambodia! Thank you for all of your continued prayers for the team; we feel all the support and we are seeing our prayers for effective ministry, energy, health and safety being answered all the time.

Today we had the opportunity to teach the "7"to over 150 children at the Poipet Children's Center! Most of the children that attended the classes are from the community, and some may have never heard the Gospel message clearly presented before. What an amazing and humbling opportunity! I wish the internet service here would allow me to post pictures of our day's adventures in teaching... imagine a game of "golf ball horseshoes,"a yarn craft activity, teaching Bible verses to memorize under a tent, and opening the Word of God to teach the first four words: God, Garden, Fall, Cross.

We also had the chance to visit a nearby farmer named David. David is a survivor of the Khmer Rouge. As a young teenager, David fled to Thailand and later to America as a refugee. After raising a family in Bakersfield, CA, meeting Jesus, and later pastoring a church, David felt God calling him back to Cambodia to serve his people. He answered the call and now lives and manages a farm. He has planted more than 2 churches in his community and continues to hold church services at his home. Seven community orphans make their home with him. He is truly a humble servant of Jesus Christ who is changing his entire community through the good news of Jesus. Praise God! We were humbled and honored to meet such a servant of Christ's.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us. We are so excited to serve our Lord tomorrow and be ready for whatever he would have us do.

Bruce, Pat, DeeDee, Robert, Michael, Alyssa, Linda, Jay, Austin, and Kolbi


  1. Thank you guys for your update. Wish we were sharing the experience with you, but since we can't go, at least we can hear about it through you and be part of your prayer team. So neat hearing about farmer David who is serving Christ and his home with orphans.
    Love you guys!!


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