Cambodia Team Update - Tuesday 01/25/2011

Today was such a sweet, blessed day! Thank you to everyone lifting us up in prayer. This morning we were greeted by over 300 children from the community coming to the Poipet Center for our lessons. What an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to so many unreached young men and women! Our morning session was blessed and very fruitful. In fact, while we were teaching the children, a group of about 10 mothers sat in the corner and eagerly listened to Noit (Steve Hyde's wife) as she clearly communicated to them the message of salvation through Jesus. Altogether, we shared Jesus with just over 350 people in Poipet today. Praise God for opened doors!

This afternoon was a sweet time to spend with the children who live at the center. We spent a few hours playing games, teaching guitar lessons, English classes, and card games. As a team we all felt so blessed to have time to build relationships with the children who live at the center and get to see and hear their personalities.

This evening was both disturbing and enlightening. We ate dinner at a place referred to as "no man's land", a place outside of Cambodia's borders but not quite in Thailand's border. This in-between zone is filled with casinos that bring in millions of dollars, and child trafficking and prostitution are just the few key elements of this area. Many children are lost in this ""no-mans land"to trafficking and slavery. Understanding the dangers for children helped our team understand just how important the Poipet Center is, not only for the children that find refuge there, but also as a bold statement to the community about the sanctity of a child's life and health.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We can't wait come home to share what God is doing in Cambodia and what we, as the body of Heights Church, get to share in! We love you!


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