Please pray for Barbara Burns, missionary to Brazil

As a church body, we are privileged to partner with Barbara Burns, missionary to Brazil. Barbara works and teaches at Missao Juvep, a ministry school which trains and send Brazilian missionaries around the world.

In 2010, Heights sponsored several students. One of the students, Paulo, is from Guine Bissau, Africa, and is now graduated and pastoring. Praise God. See his picture below!

In 2011, Heights Church continues to sponsor students at Juvep. Please pray for our students: John, Moses, Augusto (all African students) and Noelma. See Barbara's email below about the students:
"I am giving the scholarship money to 4 students this year – half is divided up between three africans (we have to try and raise the rest of their scholarship money here) and the other half is going to a girl from the “sertão” who finished seminary two years ago and has worked in the “Sertão Project” planting a church for a year and a half. Her name is Noelma and she is a faithful and good worker. I hope she can do ok academically. Pray for her please, and the three african boys – John, Moses and Augusto. All their pictures will soon be on our site – or"

Also, here is a more recent note from Barbara regarding all the students at Juvep:
"I am writing to ask you to please pray for our new students. They seem like a very special group and I am feeling the responsibility of guiding them through this year of learning and activities. Their names are John, Moses, Augusto, Marcondes, Clemência, João Pedrão, Margareth, Bettina, Sandra, Nilda, Noelma, Zambelli, Tina, Bertrant, Salete, Amanda, Deusamar and Theresinha. Not all are full-time students, but a good part of them are. They are from São Paulo, Rio, Americana, Goiás, Campinas, Curitiba and the sertão. We walked through the slum area yesterday and they were all so excited to think of working there. They loved their first week of classes and were diligent studiers. I start my classes with them on Tuesday morning."

Thank you for your continued prayers for Barbara, the students, and the ministry of Missao Juvep.


  1. Hi,

    I am one of her student. My name is Thiago (James in English), but everybody calls me by last name, Zambelli, which I like it better.

    I feel privileged to have Barbara as my teacher. She has tons of bible knowledge and church history and I really want to get it from her. Thank you so much for supporting her and also some of the students. Hope you all know how much you help spreading the gospel by doing it. The students Barbara selected to have the scholarship are great.

    In Him,


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