Get ready to see plastic bags this weekend!!!

In 2011, the body of believers that gather as Heights Church raised over 9 tons of food (that's over 18,000 pounds)! In response to the great needs for food in Yavapai County, we are working in conjunction with HeightsFest, June 4-5, to help our community feed the hungry once again.

As a leadership team, the staff of Heights has been prayerfully considering whether or not to host another food drive, as we have been following the example of the gleaning in the book of Ruth. While we all desire to see the gleaning continue, we also want our community outside of Heights Church to know we are aware and concerned about the growing needs. For those of you reading this, please pass this message along! We will still encourage gleaning on a weekly basis, but as a church we want to be a blessing to the community as a whole through the food drive.

This weekend, we will be passing out empty plastic bags. Please take as many as you would like to fill! Our goal is 10,000 pounds of food, so we are passing out 10,000 bags!

For those like myself, here are the details in brief! Looking forward to seeing how the body of Christ is going to come together once again!

WHAT: Hands and Feet Food Drive (in conjunction with HeightsFest weekend)
FOOD DETAILS: Find a list of needed items on the bags being handed out at this weekend's services!
WHERE: Heights Church campus
WHEN: June 4 & 5 Weekend services and June 5 evening concert
HOW: Just leave your bags behind your vehicle and we will come pick them up!
QUESTIONS: Email Kolbi at


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