HeightsFest, Coffee, and Bags!

This weekend we are so excited for HeightsFest, and Hands and Feet is going to be a huge part of the festivities. Here are a few big things happening this weekend:

1. FOOD DRIVE: Our goal is to bring in 10,000 pounds of food for community food banks. Help spread the word and bring a bag filled with food to help feed those that are hungry in our community. Simply leave your bags of food behind your car and we will come pick them up!

2. COFFEE SHOP: This weekend is the opening weekend of Heights Hands and Feet Coffee Cafe and Store! We are so excited to not only serve specialty coffees and raise funds for upcoming mission trips, but also to build awareness for the outreach ministries at the Heights.

3. BURGER BASH: Come grab a burger, hot dog, or piece of pizza and hang out with your family for a great dinner while supporting Hands and Feet ministries at the Heights!

If you want to get involved with anything going on this weekend, please email Kolbi at kolbih@heightschurch.com. See you then!


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