Pray for our summer outreach teams!

Back row: Deborah Thomas, Jen Barras, Jessica Anderson, Todd Hughes, Billy Lamb
Front row:Kolbi Heckethorn, Priscila Rasmussen, Joy Rasmussen, Lisa Hughes, and Heidi Edwards

Back row: Jamie Parker, Connor Malcolm, Brad Stretar, Adam Jacobson
Front Row: Maren Houle, Krista Evers, Shannon Gerber-Myers, Ashlynn Bice

Summer has quickly approached and I am so excited to announce our upcoming outreach teams to Dominican Republic and Brazil this July and August. Thank you for everyone who has been partnering with our team in prayer... it is invaluable and so much appreciated!

Please continue to visit this blog to hear more about the team's daily schedule, more about the people going on the trips, and to hear how you can continue partnering in prayer.

Thank you on behalf of all the summer 2011 outreach teams,

Kolbi Heckethorn


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