another beautiful day

So we are having blogging issues. I promise everything is ok! We are safe, and loving every second here in the DR. Enjoying our breakfast and ready to head back to Cotoui to do some teaching for VBS. We are praying for NO rain, so that the kids will be around to play and learn! We are very excited to see God's mighty hand at work today. EVERYONE, had an UNBELIEVABLE experience yesterday doing community visits with random families. It was so eye-opening the way they invited us in to their VERY small homes, gave us their chairs, and just wanted to talk. I'm amazed how in America, we have it so backwards. We wouldn't let anyone just walk into our house, serve them, and just ask about life. These people truly do love one another.

Thank you all for your powerful prayers. We can feel them!!

-in Christ

Brad Stretar


  1. I'm so excited for you guys! I'm praying! If possible, keep sending us pix... we love seeing you all :)


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