Day #7- Jamie and Maren update!

This has been a great week for the entire team! Jesus is teaching us a lot, and we are like one big family sharing a house at TIME Missions home! We are having an awesome time with each other! Today, we went to the deaf school, and it was like no other experience I've had. It was difficult going through 2 translators (spanish and sign language) so that was an area where we were all stretched. The translators have done an incredible job with, us and have been so patient!! Yesterday, I met a beautiful girl named Leslie. She goes to the deaf school in Santo Domingo. Leslie has a smile that brightens the room! It is impossible to look at her and not smile! :) I will miss her and her sweet sweet spirit!

Tomorrow is our debrief day in Santo Domingo. We get to be tourists for the day and experience more of the Dominican culture! Thank you ALL for prayers! God has blessed this trip and will continue to until the end!

Miss you and love you,



Buenas tardes!
Aqui son las (here it is) 6:54 PM. We are trying to keep up on our spanish and the past couple days it has been a fun challenge to combine spanish and sign language! I am missing all of you guys in the states (feels cool to say that) and can't wait to tell you all I have seen. I am being taught a lot by all the kids and communities around, and also from the others in our group. Last night we had a great de-brief--at night we generally talk about the day and read some scriptures. We all got together and lit some candles and sang out some worship songs to God. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip because the group was singing louder than Brad and I! God was for sure digging the tunes! Another thing is that it's really cool seeing the whole team laugh together. We are all now better amigos! Things have been going great and no one is feeling sick thankfully, but we could all use prayers for some more energy!

Thanks for all the prayers I see the effect here each day God has had our back!
Los quiero mucho! (Here it means I love you all much! Technically means want but here is like a friendly word for "love")
-Jamie Parker (Hi-me)


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