DR JULY Team: Update from Maren & Connor 7/24/2011

I just got an email from Maren, the DR July team's fearless leader, and she was having a hard time posting to the blog so I thought I'd share:

"Right now we are eating dinner and had a great time in Cotui. We visited people in their homes, went to church at malagros's house, encouraged Jamie as he shared his testimony, and even had the opportunity to sing worship songs in Spanish!! Please be praying tomorrow as it is our first day doing VBS. We are teaching on the good samaritan.

By the way, the community center that we worked on last year looks great! We are safe in San Fransisco and we will update the blog when possible!"

Connor also sent me an email earlier in the day:

"In the DR safe. Eating breakfast at De Moya. Going to drive to Cotui today. Later today in Cotui we are doing prayer walks and house visits. And church this evening. Miss you all. Thanks for all the prayers." Connor Malcolm

Thank you for praying!

On behalf of the Dominican Republic team,



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