Hello friends and family!

Today was our first day teaching and really interacting with the children in Cotui! We taught them the story of The Good Samaritan. We put on a little skit that the kids really enjoyed. The group I was in talked about the human skeleton and the different bones of the body. After the lessons and lunch the kids came back and we played with them for a couple hours. Even though the children and ourselves speak completely different languages, it really didn't matter. All that mattered was the smiles, laughs, and an open heart that we all had. They are all such fun, loving individuals and I cannot wait to go back tomorrow!

Adam Jacobson

Hey everyone! So we just had like the most amazing day ever in Cotui! We all taught for the first time today and had a blast! Me, Alexandria, and Shannie taught first aid to the children and had so much fun! The language barrier took a little getting used to but the awesome translators saved us! After lunch we just got to hang out with the kids and play with them which was like so much fun! The kids are absolutely adorable and so open and loving towards us! We all sweated like crazy but it was so worth it :) Can't wait to go back tomorrow! Right now we're eating an amazing dinner (by the way the food is awesome here and we are so well fed!) and about to go back to the hotel! Thanks for your prayers everyone! Love and miss you all!
Love, Krista


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