the last day...

Well Friends and Family, the trip is sadly coming to end.. but we are very excited to get home and share the experience with all of you.

As your reading this, we are most likely in the air, heading back to the U.S.

We wanted to share just a little bit from each person, about a highlight you should ask us about.

Adam (our translator): "A boy at the deaf school who Adam and his family is sponsoring, is learning so much, and the boy learned how to sign Adam's name. Very cool"

Brad: "My prayer all week has been, "Lord, break my heart for what breaks yours." Ask me how my heart was broken..."

Jamie: "Worshipping together in the evening of one of the nights. Hearing our team sing out with all they have. Powerful worshipful moment."

Maren: "The deaf school experience, and seeing the team step up and build relationships outside their comfort zone."

Ashlynn: "How they worship in Cotui at the church service. They have nothing, it's not all fancy, they just sang out!"

Adam J: "The home visits on sunday afternoon, inviting the community to church. Everyone was so welcoming and hospitable. Especially praying for a mom and her daughter."

Connor: "A little girl I met in Cotui, who was so loving to me, although she was very shy."

Shannon: "Sharing the word with kids"

Krista: "The instant connection with the Cotui kids. I felt the love, and loved giving it back."

Alexandria: "Meeting a girl named Daniella"

We can't thank you enough for your prayers and support. We felt all of your prayers, and so thankful for ALL of you.

Many Blessings! See you soon!!

-The DR Team


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