Back in Prescott!

Community center in Cotui
The team debrief day in Santo Domingo (below)

We're back!

It was quite the journey getting home, but we made it back to Prescott safe and sound! The trip was extended one day longer because our flight was delayed, which made us miss the connecting flight. We were blessed to stay in a nice hotel Saturday night, and we were so thankful for a nice warm shower! It is always difficult to come home and face the demands of life. Although it is challenging, it is encouraging. This is when we put what we have learned into action. This morning Brad, Jamie and myself (Maren) had the chance to share with the Heights Staff about our week in the D.R. It is a beautiful thing when we can learn from one ministry and bring it to another. The teachers in the Dominican taught me a lot what it means to works in ministry. It is impossible to do it if we do not have love and humility. The teachers who serve in Cotui and the Deaf School are there because they have a genuine love for those kids. They don't love out of pride or selfishness, but simply because Jesus has called them to be there at such a time. I saw the words of 1 Corinthians 13 come to life . Love was patient, Love was kind, it did not boast and was not self seeking. What an incredible thing to learn, and put into action!

While we were in Cotui, we got to see the community center that was built mainly by the teams sent out of Heights Church. Thank you to ALL who was involved in the process of building the community center. I can truly say that it will be used, and the people are so thankful to have a place to meet! Kolbi and John began the process of the community center in July 2009 when it was an empty lot. Now, it is about done and even has a mural of the Noah's ark in one of the classrooms! It is a blessing to Malagros's ministry, as well as to the community.

It is difficult to fit everything into one short post, but this is a glimpse of our week in the Dominican Republic. Thank you all for your prayers and support. It was an eye opening week, and you had a part of it!




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