Brazil Team Update - 08/17/2011

Shelving is almost done!

The girls are shopping with Barbara: Lisa, Barbara, Heidi, Jen, Jessica, Deborah, Kolbi, and Petina (one of the missions students)
Beautiful Tuesday evening dinner at a nearby lake

Lisa, Tina, Reinaldo, and Todd

Good Morning! It's Wednesday August 17, early in the morning. We woke up nice and early to beautiful music sung by the students during their morning devotion time, made french toast and eggs with fresh juice for all the students (so they could have a cross-cultural breakfast!). We are finished putting together all the book shelves, so today we will be helping Tina (pronounced "Cheena" here) put all the books on the shelves in order. Todd and Billy will be making tables and cubby holes today, as well.

We are all so blessed and humbled to see these missionaries and missionary students live for Christ with simple devotion. We all are learning from them.

Jen (for the team)


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