Brazil Update - Day 2 08/15/2011

Barbara Teaching Class!

Jen and Jess... They are drill queens!

Lisa is giving her testimony at church

Building the library shelving!

Bondia! After sitting on planes and car seats for 24 hours, the team was able to stretch their legs with some good ol' fashion manual labor, cooking, and cleaning. The language barrier is actually quite fun and stretches us in how to communicate. We've provided plenty of laughter to the students by leaving when they signal for us to come closer. We guard our "OK" signs to avoid offending any Brazilians. Todd, one of our fearless construction leaders, used props today to help figure out the building plans for the library shelves. I'm happy to say that we have 5 of the 10 library shelves built already. Wohoo! Jessica and I helped the school cook with making lunch. I have NEVER seen a lady so skilled in dicing potatoes and onions while holding it in her hand (no cutting board or onion tears), and using a regular steak knife. After a cutting technique demo, Jess and I were left with the rest of the potatoes to dice. Let's just say that by the time we were done, the cook had already prepped the rest of the meal! Ah, well. I think both parties had fun with it. Even better, no fingers were lost in the process!

Our team has been fortunate to also participate in Sunday night church. The language is different. But, the same personalities shine through. American and Brazilian bass players-you guys have the same personality and groove! ;o) Lisa and I gave our testimonies. That was much different since neither one of us had to speak to a group with an interpreter. Jessica and Kenyon helped with the little ones when they are dismissed. Just like bass players are similar across countries, there will always be a little boy picking on another kid while the pastor is praying over them. And there will always be the mom who has to go up and break up the fight. Ha!

We are staying in dorms at the Juvep School. The girls have dubbed our mosquito netting-"Princess Nets." The school buildings are organized in a square with an old missionary house in the center. By the way, if Kobi ever says, "The showers are so refreshing!" that means there is no hot water. The school does not have a water heater. We've figured out the best time to take showers are on sunny days in the afternoon when the sun heats the water tank on the roof.


Heidi (for the team)


  1. Wow! What a job you guys have. Can't wait to see the finished library. We are praying for all of you to stay healthy. Thanks for the updates on the blog. They are so fun to read. I feel a part of the team. I am one of your team's "prayer warriors." Please update us on any special prayer needs that anyone might have. Love you all!!!
    Shaunla Heckethorn


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