Hello all,
We are wrapping up our fourth full day here in Joao Pessoa, Brazil, and things are starting to come together nicely. We finished up all of the shelving and tables for the library (Praise God!) and will be working on putting the books in tomorrow. In addition to getting the library built and other random tasks around the Juvep school we have also been incredibly blessed to be able to see more of this beautiful city. Yesterday, we went to the beach and tried acai ice cream, and today we cut the work day short to go look at the local shopping center and to visit the Eastern most point of the America's. Everyday is a new adventure and we are falling more in love with this place and the people here. We've developed some great relationships with the students and staff through our failed attempts at Portugese and our better, but still terrible, attempts at Spanish. It will be very sad to leave, but also exciting to be sharing these experiences with everyone back home.
Thank you for all your prayers, they are so appreciated by the team. One thing to keep in mind as you pray for us is Heidi, one of our team members, is leaving early to get home in time to be at work on Monday and will be traveling alone. Pray for safety for her and an easy trip home. Also, the local mosquito population has discovered a love for American blood, so many members of our team have experienced a lot of bites. Please pray for our continued health in our last couple days here. Lastly, please pray for the rest of our time here to be fruitful and that we will be faithful servants of the Lord. We want to see all of His will for this time to be done.
Again, thank you so much for your prayer and support. You are such a huge part of our team, even if you are not physically here. The growth that is taking place throughout the members of our team is amazing and God is truly at work here.
God Bless,
Deborah (for the team)


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