Cambodia Team: Day 2 Blog Post

We made it! After a long 14 hour flight we were all ready to get off the plane and stretch, freshen up, and walk!
We had a loooooonnnnnngggg wait at LA EX and were glad when we got to board. Most of us were asleep within 10 minutes of take off! Which means most of us missed the evening meal, but we had plenty to eat at LA so it didn't matter to us! Sleep, movies, bathroom breaks, and some walking was what we did for 14 hours! We had breakfast shortly before we landed.
We are anxious to get on the plane again and head to Cambodia!
I have to admit... since we are going to teach on Honesty... a 1:30 am flight after sitting at an airport for 16 hours is not what I want to do on a regular basis! I was ready to give up on missions, get off the plane, and head home. Thank goodness for sleep, a few snacks, and Jesus I am refreshed and ready to keep going!
Thank you all for your prayers and support!
This is going to be an amazing trip!
Will post more later tonight after getting into Cambodia and getting settled.
Tammy and the team!


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