Cambodia Team Update - 10/11/11

Good Morning from Cambodia!!! We are sitting here and it's about 11:00 AM Tuesday (it was 9 pm our time). Just think, we are already into your tomorrow.My mind cannot grasp that yet.
I did finally figure out when to take my malaria pill so I stayed on schedule with that. YEAH!!
Flexibility is one thing we are learning to yield to and accept. For us "Beavers" and "Lions" personalities it has been a challenge at times, but we are committed to surrender it for God's glory.
Our God is faithful and true. How amazing is it to sit so far from home and be with other brothers and sisters in the LORD, uplifting and encouraging each other.
Speaking of uplifting and encouraging, worship last night was a big WOW. "World of Worship"
It blew us away. I think Justin and the worship team would have been blessed and could take a few things with them for the Heights family. One thing is movement....I haven't sweated like I did last night at any worship I have ever been too. For that matter, I haven't sweated like that even with exercise. The energy of hopping and jumping and praising was over the top. They (Justin) may get a little flac but WOW. It was lead by the youth here at the center.

One young man who I thought was 16 but was 23 and another young girl about 14. I can see God using both of these young people to further His kingdom here in their country. They are a ray of Son-shine. They started us out with hopping, jumping, clapping and raising our arms into the air. No exageration: the building (which is on polls 30 feet off the ground) was swaying and the floor was moving. I looked over and saw book shelves rocking back and forth. No one seemed worried so I didn't worry either.

This went on and on. I'm not talking about flowing wheat, or swaying back and forth.
I'm talking about a much different picture here. One of the children were fanning Bruce with a sheet of paper to cool him off. I couldn't tell but I guess he looked like he needed to cool down a bit. Then they took us right before the LORD. Even though I didn't understand the words, I knew we were all in one accord. We all knew this!

It was love, it was joy, it was peace, it was patience, it was goodness, it was kindness, it was faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. The fruit of the Spirit ( which we are teaching) was set free and our God and Savior was being honored and lifted high.
It was the sweetest moment for me so far.
We just finished our Bible School session. Today we had about 100 children. Some from the center here in Karache but many from the village. The opening lesson was about our Honest and Trustworthy true God named Jesus, that He tells the Truth about Who He is and that every word He's given us is true. Not a made up story. Yesterday I had the privilege of teaching in a small rotating group setting. We taught them about Noah's Ark. Many had heard already about this Trustworthy and Faithful God named Jesus but many had not. It was a blessing to see God minister to these children. The wheels of their minds were spinning and I could tell they were hearing this for the first time.

The idea of heavy rains and flooding was easily understood I'm sure because they have had much flooding here, but their minds did have to grasp the idea of a world-wide flood.
I am confident our LORD started a good work in many hearts and will continue to develop that over the next several days.
The team is doing well and each of us are glad we yielded to God's calling of us for His service.
The young girls with us have been such a blessing to the rest of us and especially to the children here. We have good health and spiritually grateful to be here. With that being said, we would appreciate if you could please add to the daily prayers:

Please pray for refreshing and strength. Some of us have reached our own physical strength and need the strength of the LORD. "For the eye's of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him", "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-disciple."

We pray God shows Himself strong and increases our faith and energy level. Thank you!!!

We have a few hours before our next session of children come in. We are encouraged knowing you are praying for us and please keep faithful for we desperately need them and want to rely on our Jesus for all things.

"Laus Deo" Praise be to God-(Not Cambodian)

We are grateful for your love and support and share in this with you as children of God.



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