Cambodia Team Update - 10/12/11

I love it here! The kids have completely grabbed a hold on my heart. Seeing their reactions to all the activities we’ve been doing is so encouraging and leaves me wanting to laugh and play with them all day long. Also, everybody on the team has been bonding with the kids and we’re all creating friendships that will last in our memories forever.

Last night we gathered up stairs in the worship building and began to teach all of the kids a new song. They absolutely loved it! Everyone was singing and dancing and we all were just having a great time together. You could feel yourself being surrounded by the love and joy and as you looked around the room, there were huge smiles on every single person’s face. When the song ended they all were yelling ONE MORE TIME! We just kept repeating the song until sadly, it was time to leave. I sure didn’t want to leave and neither did the other team members. The kids there at the center didn’t want to see us leave but it sure felt nice to finally settle down at the hotel and get some rest. Everyday I wake up so excited to return back to the center

~Cheyenne Jasper

Hello from Cambodia! We had an amazing evening with the center kids and recently finished our morning VBS class for this week. We are resting in the air conditioning of the hotel before we go back for lunch and our afternoon session.

We have had some illness, but nothing major…the normal intestinal problems from some new team members to Cambodia and one of our leaders. Please pray for good health and strength. Sometimes it is the food…sometimes it is the heat and the fact that we push ourselves because we are having fun…sometimes the enemy just tries to steal our joy because we are having sooooooo much fun!

Thank you for your continued support,



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