Cambodia Team Update - 10/13/2011

Today was so bittersweet. We have spent the last four days with the children at the center and the entire team feels like family here. Unfortunately, we had to leave. Tears were flowing from team members as well as the center kids. I had several boys personally come to me and thank me for spending time with them and say "You wil not forget me?". If that does not tear your heart out I do not know what will. God has moved in a mighty way to build such good friendships in such a short amount of time.

Our VBS went very well with a lot of changes thown in. We had to modify our teaching due to time and understanding, change games due to weather and the preferances of the center, and modify crafts and songs to accomodate the language barrier and the age of kids. Despite all the challanges we presented God to almost 200 children. Now we can only pray that the seeds were planted or nutured and let God do the rest. I know that we were blessed tremendously by the children we taught. Many of the village children caught our hearts as much as the center children did.

We are excited to share our stories and pictures to all when we return.



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