Haiti Update - We're Home!

Thank you to all who were holding us in prayers these past 9 days! The team arrived home late Saturday night, February 25, and we are all excited to share what we've learned about Haiti and what God is continuing to do through His people there.

Here are a few pictures to describe our trip.

Sunday, February 18: Attend Gran Savaan Christian Church, Visit the Gran Savaan community, and network with the nearby Haiti Health Ministry Clinic
Pastor Benito of Gran Savaan Church

Community Visit!

Margaret walking the community with some new friends

Nancy communicating with her French skills!

After Church

A typical Haitian street...

Monday, February 19: Medical and Dental Assessments for over 75 children!

Nancy and Jeri with new friends

Jeri keeping dental assessment charts

Dr. Robert assessing children's dental needs

Kolbi registering the patients

Pastor Benito and Jim organizing those waiting to be seen

Fearless Dental Team: Dr. Robert, Margaret, and Jeri!

Tuesday, February 20: Provide medical assessments for those in the community of Gran Savaan and spend 8 hours pulling and filling teeth!

Nancy talking with community members
Dr. Tim is ready to extract a tooth!

Waiting to see the dentist...

Nancy and Margaret enjoying the trip

Fab 3! David (translator), Delva (driver), and Watson (translator)

Wednesday, February 21: Drive to Croix des Bouquet and provide medical assessments and referrals for dozens of people from Croix des Bouquet Mission Church and spend 10 hours pulling and filling teeth!
Many people waiting to see the doctor and/or dentist

Nancy running the triage

Dr. Tim and Dotty educating a mother on treatment of the flu

Dr. Robert, Jeri, and Margaret, along with the local Haitian dentist
Dotty interviewing her patient

Dotty assisting Dr. Robert

Thursday, February 22: Drive to Montrouis, Haiti, and assess the health of 50 children and refer serious cases. Also spent the entire morning pulling and fixing teeth. In the afternoon, visited the Deaf Community of Leveque, a development project sponsored by 4:10 Bridge.
Dotty doing vision assessments

Jeri and Margaret: Our incredible dental assistants!

Deaf Community

Friday, February 23: Debrief Day! Spent the day in Jacmel, Haiti, and even had a chance to dip our toes into the ocean for 10 minutes!

Saturday, February 24: Fly back to Prescott!

See our map of our travels in Haiti below:

View February 2012 Haiti Itinerary in a larger map


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