Sneak Peak on Haiti Team #1

Happy Friday!

I'm writing right now from Haiti and I am so excited to welcome the Heights Haiti Medical Team tomorrow morning!

Here is a sneak peak on our first day as a team:
- 6:00 am - Prepare for a typical Port au Prince morning of traffic and leave to pick up the team
- 8:10 am - Pick up the team! Yay!
- Settle in at Christianville Mission House and eat lunch
- 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm - Go plan medical setup at Gran Savaan Church with Pastor Benito and connect with the local hospital (for emergency referrals)
- 6:00 pm - Dinner, debrief, and early to bed for the tired team!

Thanks for all your prayers!

God Bless,
Kolbi for the rest of the Haiti Team


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