Asia, here we come!

Happy Wednesday! We are on our way!
Thank you so much for praying for the Southeast Asia Team. Carmine, Pat, Deborah, and Kolbi will be working with Within Reach Global ( and will be researching a potential church partnership with the ministry reaching the unreached. Thank you for praying for wisdom and guidance in all we do. 
God Bless,
Kolbi (for the team)
 The team: Carmine, Pat, Deborah, and Kolbi

Thank you to our prayer supporters for praying us off!


  1. Hey Beautiful Team,
    Missing you all already- Especially the old guy. Hope all is well on your first day there. Let Pat know our team lost 10-9, but I got a triple and almost peed my pants running the bases. Keeping you all in my prayers and hoping you are all ( All There) and waiting on that still small voice......... Well, can't wait to hear from you and what exciting things are going on!!!

    In His Love & Prayers- DeeDee
    p.s. A little China Trivia- China's military is training 10,000 pigeons ia part of a "reserve army" to serve as a back-up communication system. They have been used for more than a thousand years!!!!


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