Southeast Asia Team Back!

Hello from Prescott, Arizona!

I had not anticipated the lack of internet access, or the fact that even when we did have internet, we were unable to access many western websites, including the blog! We could only update the blog by sending emails back to the States.

Because there are innumerable stories to tell about our time in SE Asia, I will be working on filming each member of the team and sharing our stories through this blog, so keep checking back! Today I will let these pictures tell their stories.

 The only Christian family in their village. We were able to visit them, break bread with them, and praise God together in our own languages.

 We had the opportunity to work alongside the underground missionaries and share the Gospel for the first time with these students.

 Brother D, a hero of the faith and an underground pastor

 Carmine had the opportunity to lead this young man to know Jesus and was able to baptize him! He will be mentored by local Christians and Carmine has already been in touch.

 We worked at an English Camp and had the opportunity to meet many students and engage in deep conversations about purpose, identity, and the meaning of our life
 Elias with English Camp Student
 Kolbi and Pat with English Camp Student
Deborah with some English Camp Students


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