Recently I've been struck by the concept of adoption. The dictionary definition of the word includes concepts such as formal approval, acceptance, to bring up as one's own, chosen, and to accept responsibility. 

Praise God that I am adopted into God's family and that I am now the daughter of the King. Jesus has accepted the responsibility (punishment) for the sins which kept me separated from God so that I might become acceptable to Him.

I'm also thankful for all those who have expressed this by adopting children into their home.

We recently held an informational meeting at Heights Church for anyone interested in beginning this journey and we look forward to hosting another meeting in the fall. Last time we met, over 15 families joined us to address this community and nation-wide need and many have stepped forward to answer this calling on their life.

Nathan and Becky Fagerlie, missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship to Indonesia, are starting this process (, and are back in the U.S. to bring a child into their home before moving back to Nabire. Nathan and Becky are sent from Heights Church, and we are so grateful for their faithful example of servanthood.

Thank God that He has shown His kindness by bringing me into His family. I'm praying--and I hope you will join me in praying--for those who begin to express this example of adoption in their own families.


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