Brother Deng & Within Reach Global

We were so blessed to know Brother Deng. Read the following blog post from Within Reach Global about their recent training for him and other church workers:

As Within Reach Global is expanding its leadership base, it is a huge favor and blessing to send our local missionaries to the Philippines for an intensive leadership training.

The training, which is every year for two months, focuses on training the persecuted leaders of mainland China. The goal is to strengthen and give rest to Chinese underground church leaders, and give them a world-wide perspective. The training is free, and includes food and lodging. The only thing Within Reach Global pays for is Philippines visa and plane tickets from China.
Being in a restricted access country where everything is controlled and monitored, a Christian leader can easily become very tired and stressed out. This is why the Bible school for mainland leaders—our partner ministry—has been so effective. Located in the northern part of the Philippines, the school location is very restful and conducive for training. 
Last year, 4 of our local leaders came to study. All of them were refreshed and invigorated to continue reaching unreached peoples. Their view of the mission field expanded beyond China. This year, we were able to send 3 more of our co-workers. It is our goal to send all our local missionaries to give them bigger missions perspective beyond China.


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