Thank you Samaritan's Cupboard

I just saw this note to Samaritan's Cupboard, a group that meets weekly on Thursday evenings to use coupons and smart shopping methods to collect items to bless the community. Recently, Samaritan's Cupboard shopped for items to send care boxes to our troops.

Dear Samairtan's Cupboard,
I just wanted to send out a really big THANK YOU for the boxes of hygene items you sent to us.  It was a great surprise and my men really appreciate the support!  Right now, I have recieved 3 of the 4, but I'm sure the 4th box will make it to me shortly.  Sometimes when mail gets sorted, they get separated.  But The three we received is full of good stuff to help out my guys stay clean.  Honestly, I was begining to wonder if they all showered ;-)  haha  But seriously, these item will be put to good use.  On behalf of all my men, we thank you very much. 
My guys here are all doing well.  They continue to work hard every day.  We are counting the weeks to coming home!  19 to go.  Thank you for all the support and prayers. 

If you're interested in joining Samaritan's Cupboard, contact Heather at .


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