DR team is HOME!!

Thank you for all your prayers over the past week. Our team was so blessed to serve alongside those who minister at Centro Cristiano para Educacion para Los Sordos (Christian School for the Deaf). Here is a brief glimpse of our wonderful, fruitful week.

Before we left, we determined four goals for our ministry team:
1. Build upon relationships we have made over the past couple of years. We know that ministry and discipleship is built upon relationships.

2. Launch the school's vocational training. Many of the deaf students find themselves unemployed for the majority of their lives because of the social stigma around being deaf and the misunderstanding of the disability. We want to help make this change. Paulina, the school's administrator, had an idea last year to help her students succeed for life. She wanted to launch a vocational training program at the school. After brainstorming with the other teachers, it was decided to launch training in four areas: barber shop, hair/nails, sewing, and computer IT. They requested that we come and launch the program.

3. Teach on the life of Daniel and how he and his friends remained strong in the midst of a polluted culture. For the deaf community in the DR, the desire to belong is strong, and many students might compromise their faith in order to find a group.

4. Serve with them in their community and demonstrate the importance of giving back. No matter how old you are, whether or not you are poor or wealthy, hearing or deaf, we wanted every student to know that they could be active contributors to their community.

Pictures say 1,000 words, so I will allow them to speak for our time with our friends and church family in the Dominica Republic.

Thank you for all of your prayers and your partnership in the ministry.

Kolbi for the team

Hair/Nails Class

 New Friends

 Learning to hand sew before moving onto the sewing machines!

 Our community

 Computer Class

 Jewelry Class

 Students (And Claire, too!) serving others and painting neighborhood homes

 Barber Shop

Heights Church generosity pays for these students to eat lunch


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