DR update 11/19/2012

Today we had a very adventurous day with the deaf students with a very big learning curve...and I mean big!  The day started with VBS in the morning and we soon discovered that building towers of Babylon with sugar cubes creates more appeal to the students to eat them then to build with them.  Try keeping fifty small and quick hands from snatching a cube that has been touched by all their peers! Then there was the challenge of coraling 25 pre-schoolers who don't yet know how to sign and  basically don't have a language and try to keep them in some semblance of order...what's that?  We began vocational training and amongst our sewing, beauty, and computers, we ended up with two team members with shaved heads, lots of colorful nails, the beginnings of a pillow, and some future computer protégés. All of this accomplished after finding out a few minutes before class that there is not electricity in the school daily from 1-5pm......hmmmm....I guess that means no computers, no electric razors, no sewing machines.  But fear not, we are learning to be VERY flexible. Who needs power when you can improvise!  All in all, we had an amazing day and loved being able to spend time with the kids.  And our signing and Spanish vocabulary are expanding daily.  Well, time for bed, hope all is well in the states!    By Jennifer from the DR team


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