DR Update 11/22/12

First, let me say Happy Thanksgiving! We have had a day so full of God's blessings that we could not be more grateful. Thank you for all of your prayers, God truly moved today. Here are 10 things that I am thankful for today.

1:The teachers at the school made a traditional US Thanksgiving dinner, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, and pie.

2:At the parent's night, we saw our students beam with pride as they showed off their sewing projects, art projects, cut hair, paint nails, and disassemble computers. For the first time in many of these student's lives they received praise from their parents.

3: our partnership with the teachers have been amazing. We have been so moved by their love for the students and their passion is contagious.

4: Ice water! Sometimes the little things matter most.

5:the warmth and beauty of the Dominican people.

6: The unity of our team. We have truly operated as the body of Christ and allowed each of our gifts to shine.

7: The precious children that we are privileged to serve. They have loved us (some time a little roughly) and there smiles have been encouragement.

8: Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, who has orchestrated so many miracles that their is no way for any of us to take any credit for this week. (The is a saying in many African-American churches and it is perfect to describe our encounters this week.) God sho-nuff showed up and showed out!

9: For the dynamic leadership of Kolbi Hecklethorn. (If you know her at all you know she is going to kill me when she reads this. Too bad. She asked be to write the blog so I'm going to write what I want.) she has been the glue that has held this team together. She is full of wisdom and grace. It has been such a blessing to be under her leadership and I am so thankful for her friendship.

10: Lastly, I am grateful for you. YES you! Thank you for taking the time to read this. But before you close this message and head over to Facebook, would you please stop and consider how God would like you to partner with the Deaf school? There is much more work to be done. Will you set aside one Starbucks a week to send clean drinking water to our students? Will you commit to fast something ( ice cream, video games, coffee, gum, etc) for a year to pray for the salvation of these students and their families? Will you pray and ask God if He would want you to join us next trip? I am thankful in the fact the our God knows the plans that He has for YOU. Plans for a hope and a future. Will you consult Our Abba God, to see if the Dominican Republic is in His plans for you.

Claire for team


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