Dominican Republic Update

Deborah and I were so blessed to skype in with Paulina (director of Santo Domingo Christian School for the Deaf), Nelson (Vision Trust Dominican Republic director), and Jim Ross (from Vision Trust Colorado office). In less than two hours of chatting we heard updates on students and the school, encouraged one another, prayed together, and dreamed of future visits. Here were a couple of highlights from our time visiting:

- Deaf Church : This past November our visiting team had the privilege to attend a mini church service at the deaf school. Since these students can't worship or hear a message in their own language at other nearby churches, they have started a church at the school campus and two deaf pastors rotate presenting messages at their evening service. Paulina reported that this small church is growing and deaf children and adults from around the community are coming to attend! Please pray for this church to continue to grow in reaching the deaf community and that they will soon have their own deaf pastor.

- Vocational Training: Last November we launched the vocational training, presenting classes on sewing, barber shop, computers, and beauty and hair. Paulina was so excited to tell us that these classes are continuing!

        - Sewing: A deaf woman is now teaching this class each afternoon. The students recently learned to make curtains and are selling them in the community! Praise God!
       - Barber Shop: This class continues once to twice a week still! Students now get hair cuts at the school and are so excited to save money this way and serve each other. Three young men in particular are really enjoying this skill and want to make more career opportunities.
       - Beauty/Hair: The women still really enjoy continuing their skills in hair supplies and look forward to learning how to dye and style hair.

- Bible Teaching: Paulina made a point to thank us multiple times for bringing Biblical teaching each time we come. She said the students are still discussing the Daniel teaching and they also really appreciate the small group discussions we had with the older students.

- November 2013 Visit: Paulina and the staff are very excited about us returning in November. We hope to host a teacher training, go back to the park (she said the kids and teachers both reminisce about what a wonderful day that was), add on another piece of vocational training, and spend some quality discipleship time with the older students. Please continue praying for details to come together.

After talking with Paulina, I couldn't help but praise God for how He is moving among His people in the Dominican Republic. Thank you to everyone who is involved in the Dominican Republic. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters.

Blessed to serve with you,

Enjoy this video from our November Team:
DR November 2012 Revised from Hands and Feet, Heights Church on Vimeo.


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