An introduction: Amethyst

 Who is that crazy girl in the coral hat? Hey everyone, my name is Amethyst and I am the new intern for Heights' Hands and Feet, something that I am beyond psyched for! I thought it might be good to make an introduction so that y'all can begin to get a glimpse of who will be contributing to this amazing group Kolbi and Deborah are responsible for. I mean, why did I choose to intern for the missions part of my church? Why am I in love with the missions field? Who am I?

Some Basic Facts

  • I have a small immediate family, there are three of us, but a huge extended family. I have cousins and relatives in what seems like every corner of the globe, it's pretty safe to say that I got family coming out the wazoo! To the right is the three of us, me, my mama, and my little brother. It's crazy that he's my little brother, he has had quite the growth spurt lately (I am beginning to believe it might be better to consider him my "big little brother"), he's three and a half years younger than me. I love my family to death, and when I say that I mean, of course, my mom and my brother, but also my church family and friends who I consider to be just as big a part of my family as those who are related to me by blood. 
  • My favorite color is purple (ironic right? Considering that my name is Amethyst). My favorite animal is a dolphin(there's a story that goes along with that one!) My favorite way to spend the day is with my friends and family just relaxing (something that has become increasingly more impossible as summer begins and I get super busy). I am originally from Southern California around Los Angeles! I love camping. (This is beginning to feel a bit like I'm filling out an application for e-harmony...I like long walks on the beach at sunset...just kidding!) 
  • I love photography and videography loads more than I can even express, there is something so incredibly beautiful to me in capturing the mundane things in life at just the right moment and framing them into something magnificent. I never truly go anywhere without my camera. I also love to write (that could be the reason why this post is so incredibly long, if you're eyes start to blur as you try to read this, I am incredibly sorry!) Due to this love of writing and creative media, I actually have my own YouTube account (nane Fry @ ) and blog (AJ's world @ if you would like to get to know more about me, what makes me tick, what my passions are, or just to get a laugh at my goofy life, check it out! *cough, cough, subscribe! cough, cough*
  • I am in fact named after a stone! You can thank my Father for that one! And no, I was not born in February, my birthstone is actually rose quartz since I was born the day before Halloween! I am sixteen years young nowadays, to be precise, it's more like sixteen and eight months, haha, not that that really matters. 
  • I love kids! I actually work at a preschool in addition to working with Heights because I just love the little ones so much. (As you can imagine, I can't wait to be a mom in the future!) 
  • I love traveling! I love the fact that different cultures are so diverse! Whether its a Native American Reservation a couple hours from home or a orphanage an 11 hour plane ride away. I love to experience things, I love to experience the culture, meet the people, get to know them. There is nothing that weighs heavier on me than to travel. 
  • I LOVE GOD! 

My Anthem(s) 

This past year both Hosea 2:19-20 and Philippians 4:4-9 have been my anthem, my motto, my muse, my go to, my points of reference. 
19 And I will betroth you to Me forever; yes, I will betroth you to Me in righteousness and justice, in steadfast love, and in mercy. 20 I will even betroth you to Me in stability and in faithfulness, and you shall know (recognize, be acquainted with, appreciate, give heed to, and cherish) the Lord.- Hosea 2:19-20 (amplified Bible)
There is nothing, in my opinion, more intimate than the Christian relationship with God, and that is what these verses have reminded me of more than anything. As far as my philosophies, what makes me tick, etc... it is this: I am the bride of Christ, he is constantly and unceasingly pursuing and romancing me every day that I breathe. I wake up in the morning because he allows me the breath to do so, I make it through the day because he allows me to. He romances me with the colors in the sky as it turns from dawn to day and dusk to night. He reveals himself to me in the beauty of the natural mountains that surround us (I never found the desert where we live beautiful until I realized it's entirety). As a woman I was designed by God to want to be pursued, I was designed to desire romance, and that is what he is giving me. I tell you all this, because there is no better way to explain what God means to me. He saved me. I was broken, lost, confused, and he carried me, he holds me in his righteous right hand. It is these Hosea verses that really put my relationship with him into a personal and tangible perspective.
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.-Philippians 4:4-9 (New International Version) 
Peace! God wants to give us peace! These verses have helped me through so much! Not only have they given me peace, they have also given me guidelines of the Christian life that I am called to lead. Very honestly, I think that Christians sometimes feel like they don't have any rules or ways to shape their lives, they want to lead Godly lives, but they have no idea where to start, for me, I started with these verses!They have really helped me to cleanse my life and my mind of things that are not precious in His sight.

...Onto Missions...

Why missions? What experience do I have with them? Why am I drawn to them? Ever since I was a tiny little girl, I have dreamed of going to Africa, I never really knew why that desire was placed on my heart, especially at such a young age. I understood that the kids over there didn't have all the things that I did, and that always seemed really unfair to me, I always wanted to go over and help them. As I got older I began to learn about extremes of disease and poverty that they suffer from, and from then, it wasn't just Africa, it was everywhere. They say that age brings wisdom. As I aged, I gained the knowledge that other countries needed help, they needed resources, they needed water, they needed food, and they needed Jesus. I began to dream even bigger dreams, my heart was still drawn to Africa, but I wanted to reach the whole globe, I wanted to bring God to every continent! I wanted to travel and I wanted it to be for Jesus. 

This is my mission team!
This past summer I was given the chance to live out my dream of going on a mission trip (It wasn't to Africa, that is still a dream that I wish to accomplish someday! I believe if God needs me there, I will get there somehow, someway in his timing.) My grandma in California had been going on a mission trip to the country of Ecuador in South America for two years through her church, and as a leader this past summer she invited me to come along. Words cannot even describe the sheer amount of joy that filled me with this opportunity. It was actually overwhelming. My dream was coming true! We were set to leave in early June to spend eleven days at Hogar Para Sus Ninos (For His Children) Orphanage. It was beyond amazing, everything about it, every single detail blew me away. How green everything was! The colors, everything there is so bright! The love! The happiness! 

I got to stand in the middle of
the world! 
The sightseeing that we got to do completely blew me away! The country was beautiful! Everywhere I looked was radiant, it was glowing! Everything was so perfectly beautiful. It was like God personally carved out every crevasse, like he painted the sky, like he personally reached down and planted each individual tree. I had never been anywhere that lush before. To give you a picture of what it was like, it is on the Equator, Ecuador actually houses the highest point on the equator in the Andes mountains where we were, and that means that the weather never truly fluctuates. While we were there it was rainy, but on average when it is not raining, it is around the 70s during the day and the 40-30s at night-and that's all year long! One of their main exports is roses, so there are loads of greenhouses stretched across the country-side. Ecuador is a third world country, a blossoming country in all aspects of the term despite the fact that they are not new. We stayed in Quito, which is the country capital, and Latacunga which houses the sister campus of the orphanage in Quito. The more that we did, the more that I fell in love with the Country. With every faucet of it, the culture, the people, the language, everything! 

But nothing compares to the love that I had for the children that I was blessed with working with...

For His Children houses kids with special needs in addition to their other children. I can tell you that I was completely humbled whilst I worked with them, it was an experience that I will never forget!Not only did they need my help, but they didn't speak my language, and with that God truly was able to move. I think about them every day! I have never felt so truly blessed than with the time that I spent there. Beneath I have pictures of some of the amazing sweethearts that shared their home with me for over a week! And what beautiful babies they are!
little Carlos got a hold of my Grandma's phone and was beyond
thrilled to be playing "Angry Birds" Look how the cultures mash..
Shortly after we left little Carlos was adopted into an American
family that loves him deeply, I hope he is playing Angry Birds with his new
forever family:) 
...It truly is a miracle that I didn't end up sneaking one of the little cuties home with me...

This, these kids, this culture, this trip, the whole is experience is what led me to fall in love with Missions! As a teenager it is super easy for me to fall into that pattern of thinking that my voice is to small to make a difference, that as a person, I am too young to make an impact. This trip provided me with the opportunity to realize that it doesn't have to be my voice, I don't even have to change the world, all I can do is love, and that is what I did. The orphanage didn't ask that we turn everything around, make all the problems disappear, all they asked is for a helping hand and to love the kids. I have never felt so valuable! I was able to make a difference, and with the language barrier, I was able to abandon myself and focus on God, I was able to wholly pour myself into these kids, and there is nothing more beautiful than that! 

To say that the trip changed my life would be a tragic understatement. This mission touched my life in such a great way that there is no true way to do it's impact justice with words. I know that it has changed my heart and altered the path of my life. It has led me to consider pursuing the life of a missionary, something that has worked out great as God has paved the way for my summer internship with Hands and Feet! Upon coming home I have been lead more and more towards foreign people, but also to the local people in need. It's easy to disassociate need and to feel that our "Christian duty" is accomplished after we spend a little time in a foreign country. 

To me, missionary work is something completely different. It's outreach. It's follow up. It means that if you are going to help foreign people, that you go all the way, that you follow up and pursue that relationship. So often that facet is ignored, so often its easier to go, serve, and leave, and to me that's what is wrong. The life that I want to pursue in this field is a life of love, a life of bringing God everywhere, and that includes home base. Meaning, that to me, it is super important to serve my local community as well. Serving, that is what God has called us to do, and that is what my heart is leading me to do! 

Closing thoughts..

First off, thanks for sticking through all of that! Second, I AM SO EXCITED! I cannot believe how amazing this opportunity is. I am so blown away by how God moves, I was thinking about my future and how I could live for God and's the internship! I look forward to posting on here with more news and updates about what is happening with Hands and Feet! I also am looking forward to getting to know you, stop by and say hello! Have an amazing day and I will be posting soon:) 

God Bless!


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