8/22/13 - Because of your generosity...

To my Heights Church family,

I thought you would enjoy reading this letter from one of our global partners, Missao Juvep, a missionary training school in Brazil. As a church, we were recently able to send over $6,500 toward their upcoming missions conference, which trains Brazilian men and women how to plant churches in the unreached and unchurched areas of Brazil.

Thank you for your generosity! I'm so blessed to serve with you.

Kolbi Millsap

FROM Sérgio Ribeiro, President of Missao Juvep:
Dear Brothers and Sisters at the Heights Church,
We praise the Lord for your lives and desire that you are resting in the peace and blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Down here we are working full time in preparing for the 2º Missions Congress for the Northeast, the most important event in our area in the last 10 years.
We thank you so much for your gift of 80 scholarships for needy workers, some of whom are connected to Juvep Mission and some from other outreaches. You can’t imagine the value of your gift, or the lives that will be touched by the Lord to be missionaries who will reach the unreached with the Gospel
You are an important part of this.
To remember this is encouraging and joyful to our own hearts as well.
We ask for your prayers and we will be praying for you as well.
With thanksgiving, receive our abraços.
Sérgio Ribeiro

 Barbara Burns, our missionary partner who teaches at Missao Juvep

 Some of the students Heights Church has provided scholarships in the past


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