Cambodia Update - 10/11/13

Hey church family, wow cannot believe our time is over here. It's has been a Blessing for all involved. We have learned many things about the culture and also a lot about our own culture. One thing is for sure when it rains here the rain can stop movement between the provinces. Our anticipated nine our drive had to be rerouted which made it a twelve hour drive back to Phnom Phen .  It was actually so adventuresome we really did enjoy it. We will be staying in Phnom Phen this Friday evening and making Tacos of appreciation for the Cambodian team who assisted us on this trip. Also may go to the killing fields to learn more about the culture . Thank you for the prayers, especially for travel. The Stupid Motorist law in Arizona for crossing large areas of water would have made a fortune on us here. But God had his hand on us. Thank you again, see you late Saturday early Sunday Morning. 
Team Cambodia


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