Dominican Republic 11/27/13

Greetings from the DR Team!!

The last few days have been a hot, amazing, overwhelming and wonderful blur.  We are so greatful for your faithfulness in praying for us, and can't wait to share with you when we get home.  Everyday we have gotten better at communicating and built stronger relationships with the kids.  As we are preparing our lessons for tomorrow's classes we are so sad to think that we week is coming to an end. I got to be in the art lesson with the incredibly talented Katie Ringe as she taught the students how to draw using a grid.  Some of them were very impressive!  Today we continued our lessons on David's life by talking about his heart for worship.  It was actually a beautiful reminder for us of how many ways there are to praise God beyond just the music we consider to be "worship" since music doesn't greatly impact the deaf students...  Except, of course, for Justin Beiber who apparently overcomes that obstacle with his miraculous swag.  We danced, drew, wrote poetry and played.

I love the Dominican Republic.  I love the people we've met.  I love the food.  I don't even mind the heat so much.  I'm so excited for what God has planned for this school and these students, and what a blessing it is that God is allowing us to be a part of it!!

We hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Have a turkey sandwich for me.  We love you and God bless :)



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