Dominican Republic Update 11/26/13

From Katie:

Well first let me wish Nichole a Happy 16th Birthday!!!!!!! What a blessing to be here with her in the Dominican Republic for such a big birthday! We just finished her birthday dinner where we definitely embarrassed her, hat in all! 

Today was our second day at the school and I think it's safe to say, we all felt WAY more prepared than we did yesterday. Haha. Yesterday, everything was new and we had a lot to learn! (Still do) today just went a lot smoother and we all knew what to expect with our classes. We did some reorganizing of the students and found a great rhythm for the rest of the week. Today the skills classes were; littles, middles, sewing, and art/ solar ovens. I had the pleasure of teaching the art class and helping my dad teach the solar oven part. Although, I wasn't in the other classes I heard they all were fantastic and all of the students I talked to said they loved them!

I'll admit I was overwhelmed yesterday at a few points but today, everything was fantastic. My art class went extremely well. They all made a collage with drawings and coloring in the empty spaces. The outcomes were absolutely amazing! These students have so many talents! I am constantly being amazed. They all worked so hard and I can't wait to show them the project I have planned for tomorrow. After the art class, Jeff (my dad) taught the solar oven class with the same students. He did such a great job! The interpreters were VERY helpful! After they finished their tinfoil ovens they learned how to make cookies. I would just like to say they were SO excited that I will never forget the sign for "cookie". Haha. That was all I saw them saying for the first few minutes was,"cookie.cookie.cookie." They all loved my dad even more after that! Once they made the cookie dough my dad scooped a little on everyone's solar oven. Then they placed them on the roof to bake. Unfortunately, they didn't
get to cook all the way through because it almost started to rain. But believe me, they were completely satisfied  with eating the cookie dough!!! 

Theses past two days have meant so much to me.These students have touched my heart and I already am dreading the good byes :/. I am making so many new friends that I feel like I am in constant conversation which is so beautiful.  I love being able to communicate through sign and they are all so patient. Even during class the students were teaching me different signs for words that I haven't experienced yet. I absolutely love these students and I wish I could spend all day with them! 

The amazing thing is when we have story time and the students are asking questions about the story of David. They are so eager to know more about God and His stories. Today my students kept talking about how our strength comes from God. These were some of the most precious points of the day. Seeing them understand and just how much they rely on Him, I feel like they are truly teaching me. I Love these students so much already and I am thankful for every moment I get to spend with them!!!!!

 Praise The Lord cause He is Amazing!


P.s. I taught my class how to play heads up 7 up.... Awesome and Hilarious!!!!! :) 


  1. I'm so excited to see the impact you are all making on the lives of the kids down there! You are all constantly in my prayers-- I can see that God is answering them! Continue to be a blessing and be blessed by those down there! Thank you for the update Katie :)


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