DR Update 11-24-13

 It's already almost midnight here in the Dominican, 11:48 to be exact, crazy that just a couple days ago this same point would have only been the beginning of the night! Anywho, spending a day out in the hot sun has left me tuckered out, so I'm going to just give a breif update so that I can at least get a couple hours of sleep, and thus maintain at least the slightest bit of sanity when we head out tomorrow. 

Our day looked a little something like this: 

Six girls getting ready in the same bathroom, flurries of skirts and dresses, delicious breakfast food, and an annoying alarm are what I woke up to. Somewhat of a shock when I woke up this morning expecting a familiar bed and a quick trek to the kitchen for my morning coffee.

From the Mission House, we all headed to church. Seeing as it is all in Spanish it's pretty safe to say that I was completely lost; but it is also entirely accurate to tell you that I got more out of this one church service where I barely understood a word than got at my very own church just this past Wednesday.  It was the day of the pastors here, so the congregation honored their team of pastors with gifts, singing, hugs and celebration. And even through all of this, what stuck out to me the most was the worship. These people could barely contain their excitement. Their faces a matrix of emotions as if they couldn't ever praise their Savior enough, as if even if they were singing at the top of their lungs, reaching out to the heavens with their hands, they still couldn't ever be close enough or too close to God. It sent shivers down my own spine, we Back in the states are so accustomed to a rigid schedule of worship, message, and leaving for the rest of our day- but here it's something entirely different! It's genuine fellowship time with one another, and our Lord. It's a celebration of salvation; an it's more beautiful than I can even express in any words. 

From church we found our way to the Deaf school, I must admit I was pretty nervous. I'm not so great at Spanish, and I certainly am not the best at signing. For some on our team this was a return visit, but for me, it was a first. 

We arrived at a small complex in the middle of a housing place, people strewn throughout the street as we made our way up to the entrance. It took some time before the students showed up for their Sunday night church service, so in the meantime the team shared lunch and fellowship time in order to pass the waiting time. 

When the students arrived, I couldn't help but catch my breath at the sight of them. Not because anything was wrong, but because they were happy. We were able to join them in their service, which was another huge blessing, and through the sweat and paper fans, we were able to be a part of something that really meant a lot to these kids. 

Following the service we got to spend more time with them in their courtyard where I got my very own sign name awarded to me by one I the students! It's pretty frustrating not being able to communicate efficiently with them, but the will that they have to communicate is a God-send itself. I can't wait to learn more sign language! 

Thanks for praying!

Amethyst for the team


  1. Amethyst, you are a very talented writer and I enjoyed reading about your day! I'm so excited about the relationships you are building there.

  2. How wonderful to hear from you Amethyst! Your writing made me feel like I was there with you. Thank you for your sharing that with us. Keep up the great work reaching out to the deaf kids, the teachers and each other. I have been praying for you and your team throughout my day. I love you guys and miss you all!


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