November Teams

I cannot believe that October has ended, and November is upon us.  Hands and Feet is sending 3 short term teams to our ministry partners in the month of November, so it’s a very exciting and busy time for us.  I’d love to introduce you to our teams!:

November 4, a team of nine is headed to Tororo, Uganda for two weeks.  We will be partnering with Hope 4 Kids International and Mission for Character, a curriculum that teaches Biblical Principles in secular settings.

 Back Row: Wendy Stokes, Jena Duncan, Ryan Hickey and Adam Strombeck
Front Row: Tina West, Morgan West, Stacey Baker and Deborah Strombeck
Not Pictured: Deborah Hoffman and Kim Warren

My husband and I are really excited to be a part of this team, and see what God has for us over the next few weeks.  Be praying for
-Discernment in all that we do
-Relationships with the people God puts in our path
-Patience and Grace for each team member in every situation that we see ourselves in
-Pray that we would serve well, and be a blessing to our brothers and sisters

The day after we leave, November 5, a team is headed to Cambodia to our partners at Words of Life Ministries.  For almost 10 years, Heights teams have been visiting Steve Hyde and his staff and working alongside them but this year we are doing things a little differently.  Our mission and vision at Heights Church is to Follow Jesus Wherever We Are; in the Home, Church, and Marketplace, so we thought, what if we took time to value these Cambodian leaders and their families by offering a marriage retreat that they can later pass on to those under their leadership.

Micah Jimison, Katie VanBoening, DeeDee McCarty, Pat McCarty
Not Pictured: Tom and Denny Patton

-Pray that God would use Pat and Dee Dee and Tom and Denny to strengthen and encouage the marriages of the Cambodia leaders
-Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide the conversations and the lessons
-Pray for Micah and Katie as they care for the children of the couples, to be a light and a loving influence

Toward the end of November, we are sending a team of 13 (including little Lukas) to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and our partners at the school for the deaf.  The team will be supporting the teachers at the school, while also teaching the students practical application of their faith and vocational skills. 

Back Row: Tracy Sullivan, Matt Sullivan, Matt Millsap, Abigail Huang
Front Row: Kylie Sullivan, Cori Sullivan, Kolbi and Lukas Millsap and Donald Huang
Not Pictured: Lynne Murphy, Cody Tegtman, Claire Glipa and Hezekiah Glipa

-Pray that the team will be a blessing to the teachers and leadership of the deaf school
-Pray for teachers of the "Littles" to have patience and extra grace
-Pray that the students will come away from this week with a better understanding of what followinf Jesus looks like.

These teams have been preparing and training for these trips for the last couple of months and are praying that we will be a true blessing to everyone that God puts in our path.  If you want to learn more about the training that we’ve been using, this is it:


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