Uganda Team Update

Hello from the Uganda team!

We have spent the last week recovering from jet lag, nursing ourselves back to health (mentally and physically) and appreciating our families and beds more than ever before.  Thank you for your prayers, we definitely felt them, and although we are very happy to be home we had an amazing experience that we would love to share with you.

Our team had a plethora of really cool opportunities like visiting schools, clinics, well dedications, villages and local NGOs.  One of the things we loved was arriving at schools and villages and being met with the singing and dancing of children’s choirs.  There’s nothing like experiencing other cultures and people groups to introduce you to a different side of the Creator whose image they are reflecting.  What a blessing!!  

Mission 4 Character had its huge Anniversary Event while we were there, so we got to see and be a part of that.  Heights partners with Mission 4 Character to print manuals that can be brought into schools, government and a group of widows that meets weekly.  The manuals take principles from Proverbs and show how to practically apply them to life.  Being able to see and hear the stories of transformation was incredible.
Able 4 performs at the event!!

Another thing that Hope 4 Kids (the organization we went with) does, is provide safe water to villages.  There were several well dedications during our time in Uganda, which are a really unique experience because you are able to go to the original water source and see for yourself the conditions, not to mention seeing how far these women and children are hauling water, before you gather with the community and celebrate the new well. 
An original water source from a well dedication.

My personal highlight was Smile Africa, an organization that feeds and houses children from the Karamojong people group who were on the streets, as well as rescuing babies who were abandoned.  The masterfully talented Jena Duncan painted a beautiful mural for the baby home at Smile Africa (pictured below).  Here are some of the faces of Smile Africa:

It is always such a blessing to serve beside our brothers and sister in Christ from different places.  A lot of times I think we go on mission trips to “change the world” but the only change we see is that of our own hearts.  I was truly humbled to see the work that these incredible people are doing day-in and day-out to serve in these ministries in Uganda.  Thank you again for covering us in prayer!

P.S. We got the chance to see Hippos (my favorite mammals) and I couldn't go a whole blog post without sharing, so here you go!!

On behalf of the team,

Deborah Strombeck


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