Buenos Evening,

Today, was in fact, a great day–how could it not be since these kids and their teachers are amazing. Many of the kids were super hyper (we think because of their excitement for the "park day" tomorrow). In Lisa's and my class, this excitement was difficult to reel in, but Lisa and I managed pretty well in our story telling class. I was a solider, welding a fiery sword, wearing a fearsome suite of plastic armor and marching around the room in orderly fashion. But even with all my shiny armor, the kids were still unruly even with all its shininess. Bottom line is that I had fun pretending to be a knight in "shiny" plastic armor. Lisa did an awesome job teaching the kids. It wasn't easy for her to explain the meaning behind the armor since the kids read sign language very literally. However, the kids were, for the most part, receptive to what she was teaching them.

Of course, since I was all suited up for battle, I wasn't able to see how all the other classes were going ; but I've heard that they all went well. The kids received what was being taught, and God is good. We couldn't ask for a more awesome time here with them. Diane's classes were all great, except that the bulb burnt out for the projector. Thankfully, it was during the last class of the day, so she just had them play with playdo.

The teachers have been learning so much from Trish. Today one of the teachers said, "this is the best training and tools I've ever received!" THAT is great news! Praise God for making this time both productive and effective for the teachers and a ministry for the kids!  It is so evident how excited these students are to learn and to grow in knowledge and we know that these new tools that have been handed to the teachers will greatly aid their learning. They are already applying what they've learned and we can't wait to see how far the kids advance in reading the next time we see them.

As this week comes to an end, with only one day left to be with the kids, we are not looking forward to tomorrow when we have to say goodbye. These kids have impacted our hearts to such a deep level. I think it's safe to say that these precious kids have reached deep into our hearts. We will all miss them very much.



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