Wednesday: We are half way there!

Buenos Noches!

Let me first start off by saying, thank your for all of your prayers and support. We have been having the most amazing time here in the Dominican and we are all dreading the moment we have to leave. The kids are starting to open up to us more and more, which has been incredible. We have been able to really spend time with them on this trip and learn about their home lives, what their dreams are, and if they know and love Christ.  In the mornings we have been teaching our (art, bible stories, recess/games, and the creation/science lesson) and they have been going really well. Granted, it’s been hard at some points but we just feel continually blessed.  The kids have been learning so much and we have all enjoyed getting to know them.

         On another note, the teacher’s classes have been great! Trish has been able to work with the teachers on a new way of teaching reading to the students. In the morning the teachers learn the methods and in the afternoon they apply them. So we as a team help support the teachers in the afternoon by helping in their classes. While the teacher may be working one on one with a student, to determine their literacy skills, we work with the other students. It has been great to see the methods that Trish has taught the teachers applied in the classroom. We can’t wait to see if this new program will help raise the students literacy schools and help support the teachers in a new way.

 Tomorrow is our last day teaching at the deaf school and then Friday we will go on a field trip with them to the park. Please keep us in your prayers!

Love you all,


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