Tuesday: School Activities

Hi everyone! I am so excited about this trip. Today was such a great day, even better than yesterday. Alex and I played with balloons and tennis rackets that we made out of paper plates and popsicle stick and the kids absolutely loved it. I got so many videos of the kids hitting around the balloons and once they noticed I had a camera they started showing off by having races to see who is the fastest runner and they started doing flips and jumping over each other. After lunch we worked with the younger kids are not as excelled as some of the other kids. I specifically worked with one of the students to make sure he was on task. By working with him I learned so much more sign language and I fell in love with this student. Once we left the school we went to get ice cream and go home and get ready for dinner and let me tell you, that ice cream was a lot better than usual! Dinner was marvelous! We went out to a restaurant and sat outside with the cool breeze and fresh air and ate meats, fries, and drank frozen juice (which are delicious!). Overall today was a great day and I don't ever want to leave the kids!



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