March 2015 Dominican Republic Team

And they're off!!
Please be keeping our Dominican Republic Team covered in prayer as they head out this evening.  Lisa Novak, Diane Anderson, Alex Kerfoot, Hannah Fox and Michael and Katie Phillips will be serving at the school for the deaf in Santo Domingo while Trish Fox from Fair View Learning conducts a training for the teachers.  

Here are some things you can be praying for:

  • Safe travels and smooth connections for the team
  • Quick adjustment to the time difference and culture
  • Pray that the team would connect well with the students and their time together would be fun and educational
  • Please pray that the training would be a blessing to the teachers, and that it will rejuvenate and excite them to continue the work they are already doing so wonderfully.
The team should be giving daily updates, so check back throughout the week to see how God is using them, and how we can be praying for them while they're away.

Good Night!


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