Remembering Easter

It's only been two days but I know how this can go. Profound moments easily fade as days turn into weeks and months and years. “Jesus, please don’t let me forget!” is my prayer as I ponder the many blessings of Easter Sunday! The first encounter of the morning that pierced my worker bee exterior and touched my soul was greeting a mom with two young daughters. The littlest one tightly held the hand of an elderly man even as he used the other hand to steady himself with a cane. “…and is this grandpa?” I asked the girls. They all looked at each other and then the mom said with delight, “Yes! This is our adopted grandpa!” Adopted! Immediately Jesus reminded me – I too was adopted into a family that wasn’t mine with a love I desperately needed! His family, His love! That was it! He penetrated through my tasks right to my heart and my eyes responded as they often do, with tears I couldn't hold back.  How about you? What’s your Resurrection Sunday moment, the one you don’t want to forget?
Posted by Lorri Carlson


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